Where Did Crossword Puzzles Come From?


Today, people all around the world enjoy solving crossword puzzles. Crossword puzzles are a hobby that people enjoy because they are entertaining and educational. When did the first crossword appear in society? It was in England in the 1800’s that the first crossword puzzles showed up but they were not like the crosswords of today. The original crosswords were actually squares of words that was made up of words that could be read across or down. These puzzles were originally meant for children and were in books published in England. When the crossword puzzles moved to the US, they were more geared toward adults.


The New York World was the first newspaper to publish a crossword puzzle. The first published puzzle was the creation of Arthur Wynne who was a journalist in Liverpool, England. This was a puzzle meant for adults instead of children which is what made it different from the crossword puzzles of the 1800’s. The first crossword puzzle that Wynne created differs significantly from what we see today in our newspapers. Wynne’s puzzle was in the shape of a diamond and all the squares were filled with letters instead of having the black squares we are used to seeing. The popularity of the crossword puzzle grew quickly and soon many newspapers in England contained them. By the 1930’s, crossword puzzles were in most of the newspapers in the US but they changed into the puzzles that we see now in our newspapers and in the ever popular crossword puzzle books. By the 1940’s, the new crossword puzzles created in the US spread to Europe.

Pearson’s Magazine was the first British magazine to include a crossword puzzle in their February edition of 1922. The Times first published the crossword puzzle in February of 1930. As crossword puzzles became more and more popular in England, they also became more involved and more complicated. The normal crossword puzzles of the US are not nearly as challenging as those in England. Cryptic crosswords, for example, became very popular once A.F. Ritchie and D. S. Macnutt revealed them to the British population.

The creators of crossword puzzles are incredibly gifted and able to combine words and shapes and make it into something that fascinates people around the world. Crossword puzzles are as popular as ever because they allow people to have fun and learn something. There are many different types of crossword puzzles out there so there is something for everyone! We owe all this to the people who first created the amazing puzzles long ago.

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