Educating The Educators


    Educating the educatorsGone are the days when we used to see Master Jee (teacher) like a father and, with an utmost respect. Whatever did a teacher say was the final word. Whatever did a teacher decide was the last decision. Whatever did a teacher suggest was like a blessing. I am not talking from the old pages of history. It was still common three or four decades ago. But how come the whole scenario has been changed upside-down. Students do not respect their teachers. Teachers seldom tell them a word out of content, without charging a fee. How can the new generation be educated without the education of their mentors?

    It is very true that that there are a lot of teachers in every educational institute, who inspire their pupils with their dedication, teaching methods and above all honesty. But it is also an unhealthy fact that the teaching profession has become largely a business-oriented one; and this has brought many unprofessional people in this sacred profession. Unfortunately, the mistrust about the teachers has been increased largely due to these reasons.

    In government schools, those who possess B.Ed. and M.Ed. degrees are more preferred to be recruited as teachers. The question to be asked is whether these degrees really help in broadening the young minds or they only tend to cash their salaries. Schools in urban areas and towns might be looked upon to some extent but what about those situated in rural areas of the country which constitute 67% of the land? We know that there is usually only one teacher in a school in villages; who not only teaches Urdu, English, Pakistan Studies and Islamyat but also he has the command over Mathematics and science subjects. Since no-one can teach everything, so these teachers lack professional grip over these subjects and young minds are left with poor knowledge, sometimes even undeliberately.

    So far the intelligence of the sons of this soil is concerned, beyond any doubt we can and we do score the best in different fields of education. Pakistani scientists, thinkers, poets, economists, IT professionals and businessmen etc. are not unknown to the world. A few years back a Pakistani student Ali Moeen Nawazish made a world-record by highest A’s in A-Level Examinations. The following year another Pakistani student made a world-record in O-Level Examinations. Later on, another Pakistani student of A-Level broke the world-record of his fellow countryman. This shows how fertile are the minds of Pakistanis. But the unfortunate fact is that these students and mostly those who represent Pakistan on international stage belong to private sector. Why public-sector education in Pakistan is not up to the mark whence private schools and colleges already excel? The reason is very simple and that is in private institutions every child is given individual assistance and the staff is well-qualified. In addition, strong check-and-balance system remains enforced; so that the moral and intellectual corruption from the staff’s side will be the least. Whereas, in government educational institutes the teachers are given full liberty with respect to their teaching techniques, their regularity and the treatment to the students. Thus, the fertility of the minds of young girls and boys is thrown into waste just because the mentors of the growing generation remain unaccountable.

    Education is the very first subject revealed to our Holy Prophet (SAWW) in the Holy Quran. It is obligatory for every Muslim man and women. As far as our commitment to education is concerned, it is exact opposite. Therefore, it should be no surprise that our people have no dignity among the comity of all the nations of the world. It can be achieved only if we mend our educational system’s loopholes and before this, educating our educators!


    1. Yes I agree that there is a need to educate the educators of this fertile land. Specially the teachers of government schools should given lectures on good manners. If they are well behaved with their student, their students will also be respectful to everybody.


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