Past Paper Class 5 Science PEC 2009


Urdu Medium version of class 5 Science 2009 past paper is a 2 hours paper. First hour was for objective part and one second hour for subjective part. Following are some few multiple choice questions asked in this paper:

  • What is the result of Fertilization?
  • Ribs are guard of our heart.
  • making of water vapors is a chemical change
  • Salt is solvent of water
  • Mechanical energy is used in the tube light
  • What we call the study of soil?
  • Neutron is used to charge or discharge something.
  • Water is used in the petroleum refineries for cooling.

Following are some of the subjective questions

  • What is blood? What are four ingredients of blood? What are four reasons of heart attack?
  • Compare different types of satellites. What are the benefits of satellites?
  • What are five sources of water?
  • What are different parts of human brain? Write the functions of all the parts of brain.

OBJECTIVE TYPEPast Paper - Class 5 Science Punjab Education Commission 2009

SUBJECTIVE TYPEPast Paper - Class 5 Science PEC 2009 - Subjective Type


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