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Punjab Driving Licence Verification, driving license verification punjab

How to Verify the validity of your License

If you live in Punjab, driving licence verification is very simple and straight forward. Either, you live in Lahore, Multan, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Okara, Sahiwal, Faisal Abad, Sialkot, or any other city of Punjab, and you want to check and verify the validity of your licence. There are two places where you can find this information.

Click here for driving license verification KPK, Pakistan.
Click here for driving license verification Sindh, Pakistan.
Click here for driving license verification Balochistan, Pakistan.

Punjab Driving Licence Verification – If You have Missed the Licence Number

driving license verification punjab - Punjab Driving Licence VerificationIf you want to verify the validity of your license through you CNIC, you can go to the DLIMS (Driving License Information Management System) website and enter your CNIC punjab driving licence statuswithout dashes to get the detail.

This Punjab Driving Licence Tracking Software provides a complete record and also shows you the picture of the licensee. The information includes License Number, CNIC, Name, Father/Husband Name, City, Allowed Vehicles, and License Duration. License duration consists of three dates: issue date, valid from and valid to. The issue date is the date when the licensee gets the license for the first time. This is a great facility provided by DLIMS Punjab.


Punjab Driving Licence Check Online – Through CNIC or Driving Licence Number

If you want to verify the validity of your license through your license number or CNIC, you can visit PITB website and enter either your license number or CNIC to verify the detail of your license.

Punjab Driving Licence Check Online - Punjab Driving Licence Tracking SoftwarePITB provides a bit of precise information about the licensee. It does not provide information about city and Issue date. Moreover it also not provides the picture of the licensee. The rest of the information is the same.

Online driving license verification punjab

click here for DLIMS website
Click here for PITB website



  1. AOA
    My name is ahmed aleem baig .
    i am in UAE and lost my Pakistani licence.
    please give me a photo copy because i am applying for UAE driving licence

  2. I have applied for renewal of my driving license # 10304/2008 (HTV) from DPO (Traffic) Jhelum on 17 Mar 2018 but so far I have not received my license duly renewed. Please let me know what is matter?

  3. There are two reasons you are getting not found result while checking license verification in Punjab.
    First reason may be that you license has expired.
    Or, second reason that your CNIC may has expired.
    In both cases you may get not found result.

  4. I have a license of motor car/jeep of chakwal,which collect in 2013 and now i am in saudia and want to apply for driving license but i check by name my license on link there no found result please guide me


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