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punjab driving licence verification, driving license verification punjab, driving licence check punjabDriving License Verification KPK Pakistan – Through CNIC

If you want the driving Licence verification in KPK, Pakistan, you have different options to get that information.

Driving License Verification KPK - kpk Driving Licence VerificationYou may visit Peshawar Traffic Wardens website (or KPK police official website) and enter your CNIC to get complete information about your license.

Get Punjab driving licence verification here.

KPK Traffic Police Driving Licence Verification Online – Through Driving License Number or ID Card Number

Now you can also verify your driving license in KPK through driving license number. Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa website provides facility to verify your driving licence online through driving licence number or national identity card. driving license verification kpk pakistan

All you have to do is to visit KP Govt. website. Enter your driving licence number or CNIC. Press the Search button. You will get the updated result of your driving license.

Driving Licence Verification KPK Pakistan– Through SMS

You can also get your driving license verification KPK through SMS. All you have to do is to send the following SMS to 8583


where CNIC is National Identity Card number.

You do not need to enter dashes while entering your ID card information. As soon as you enter your ID card information and press “Check Detail” button. You will get complete license information relating to that ID card.

KPK Driving Licence Verification – Through Google App

KPK Driving Licence Verification - through SMSKPK traffic police driving licence verification is also possible through Google App provided by KPK police, available at KPK police official website


  1. aslam alikom sir mira laicanc no 119000012815 nic no 1530247768089 20/12/17 ko expir hwa mi ni15/jan/2018 ko eplay kya likan abi tak mira laicanv copy na ban saka aw na mila / only raseed miry pas hy

  2. Dear sir,me from bannu and i apply for HTV Liscence from Bannu so how can i cheack my Liscence status online because the bannu office give me25.11.2018 for hand over of liscence

  3. Sir my self Muhammad nauman atlas mera peshawar traffic wardens pe licence data aata he bki pe nhi kindly chk 03409798451

  4. KPK Driving License
    NIC: 15601-2437414-3
    Name: Abdullah
    Father: Umar Muhammad
    License No#: 104000015339
    Type: LTV Only
    Address: Fazal Baig Gharai Matta Swat.
    I have computerized License and CNIC record not show kindly please update it.

  5. Sir Mira idcard number 3820212445425 hy or license number 111000005474 hy but verification ni ai .48011/02MRD

  6. aslam o alikom sir qamar zaman mir name hy aw cnic no 153247768089 hy license numbar 19000012815 hy 20/12/17 ko expiry hwa hy 15/01/18 ko mi ny renwal kily eply kya hy ab 12 sep hy 9 month gezar gay lekin nya copy nahy mila kya waja huskta hy /staso tabidar

  7. aslam o alikom sir 20/12/2017 ko mira lacense expiry hwa hy mi ni 15 jan ko renwal kily eplay kya hy ab sep hy 9 month guzarny ki bad bi abi tak new copy nahy mily kya waja huskta hy tokan to miry pas hy likin pir bi / staso tabedar

  8. assalam alikum

    i have updated my driving license to HTV
    but in traffic warden peshawar web still comes jeep/car
    while i put cnic in kp govt website it shows HTV
    is my license is original ok or i having problems please help me

  9. KPK Driving License
    NIC: 16202-7832500-5
    Name: Ijaz Ali
    Father: Gul Nawas Khan
    License#: 102000042818
    Type: M. Cycle + M. Car + Jeep Only

    I have computerized License and CNIC record not show please update it.

  10. Cnic 1350129365931
    Driving licence no 31587
    Muhammad Nadeem
    Sir i am waiting a long time for my licence.but your Head office Haripur distt is not responding at that moment. It has been 6 to 7 month but i cannot recieve my driving licence
    So kindly take action and give my licence as soon as possible.

  11. KP Driving License
    NIC: 15701-8561356-5
    Name: kamran ullah
    Father: Taj Muhammad
    License#: 117000018176
    Type: LTV + M. Cycle
    Expiry: 12-5-2020. but so far not updated online Plz update my online record.

  12. Iam Kamran Ullah Form Dir Upper
    my CNIC Number is 15701-8561356-5
    i have computerized LT V License
    my record on my cnic is not shown
    please update it.

  13. Sir my name is kamran Ullah From district Dir Upper My CNIC 15701-8561356-5 LTV license Can not show in record expiry date are 12-5-2020 update my record in this online website.

  14. Sir
    Meta license ka namb pe record ghalat a rha he licence new be nahi he 2bar renew be hwa he mera pora idres
    M.saeed so Tawab Shah
    Licence no 102000006518
    Ab is ka Kia yoga plss

  15. Aslam o aliykm sir
    Mera name shahbaz s/o MUHAMMAD aslam hai haripur sy hon meny 28/03/2018 ko new linces k liy apply kea tha jo k abi tak nai ban k aya reason btain gy??? Linces number 32111 hai.

  16. KP Driving License
    NIC: 16102-2267476-3
    Name: Noor Muhammad
    Father: Taj Muhammad
    License#: 111000021044
    Type: LTV ONLY
    Expiry: 22/04/2017. I have renewed my license till 2022 but so far not updated online I.e 8583. Plz update my online record.

  17. Sir i am Shahzad Iqbal s/o Muhammad Iqbal cnic No 3720314283305 Pl update my expiry date of laisence in online varification susyem

  18. sir
    i am shahzad hassan s/o Muhammad Rafiq cnic numbar 37101-9760274-1
    sir i have already renewed my driving licence valid 11-04-2022 Please check the record and update please

  19. Asalam alekom.sir mera htv lcns 6.7 maheeny k baad b net pr nahi araha hy.mera visa agiya hy adhr pindi me maang raha hy agency wala.mukaram khan s/o shad khan.exp date 12.12 .2022.lcns no 77253

    • Sir,
      I am Said Ali S/O Said Gul, CNIC Number 1530261182039.
      Sir i have already renewed is our license valid up to 22 Aug 2022, please check the record and update please.

  20. NAME SHER DIL KHAN CNIC NO 1120103148401


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