How to Complain PTCL Online | 7 Methods of PTCL Complains


How to Complain PTCL

There are several ways you can register your complain to PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company).  The PTCL has facilitate their customers by providing all sorts of methods to complain

7 Methods of PTCL Complains

1. PTCL Complain through Internet

You can complain your landline or Internet broadband problems through Internet website. PTCL online complaint register process is very user friendly.  This is one of the easiest way to register your complain. you may either use your personal computer (PC) or Laptop or your mobile phone to register such complains.

2. PTCL Online Telephone Complaint

You can complain your PTCL landline or Broadband through telephone also. The Telephone complaint No. is 1218.  All you have to do is to dial this number.  Follow the instructions.  And register your complain through telephone.  You will be sent a complaint number through SMS.  You can also check the status of your complaint by dialing 12 18 again after some time.  1218  PTCL complaint number sometimes may remain busy for long time. In that case you may follow another method to complain your problem.

3.  PTCL Complain through SMS

This is another way to complain PTCL.  This is an immediate way to send your complaint to PTCL complaint center.  05 1218 1218  is the number where you send your complain.  Click here to understand how we can PTCL complain through SMS.  PTCL complaint through SMS.

4. PTCL Complaint Email Address

PTCL email address for complaint is [email protected].  If you have any question or complain, you can send your complain at this PTCL complaint email address. They usually reply you withing 48 hours from this PTCL complaint email id.

5. PTCL Complaint Mail

In olden days, people used to send their complains through mail.  This traditional method was quite successful those days. Now PTCL online complaint register system has made the things easy and convenient. If you still want to send complain through mail. You may send your mail in the following address.

PTCL complaint head office

ptcl head office complaint number & Address is as follows:

Corporate Headquarters, Block-E, G-8/4 Islamabad Postal Colde 44000, Pakistan

PTCL Karachi Office

PTCL Karachi Office address is as follows:

Ground Foor, EVP Office, Hatim Alvi Road, Clifoton, Karachi

PTCL Lahore Office

6A Civi Centre Barkat Market, Garden Town, Lahore

PTCL Islamabad Office

Address of PTCL Islamabad Office is:

PTCL F-8 Exchange, Nazim-Ud-Din Road F-8/1, Islamabad

6. Physical Complain on Nearest PTCL One Stop Shop

There are number of customer support centers at various places who are serving their customers. If you have a customer support center near you and the complains of their customers.

7. Physical Complain on Nearest PTCL Exchange

This is another way to provide complain to your nearest PTCL Exchange.  They write your complains on their registers and forward those complains to the concerned line men. The Line man of your area is the person who will visit your place and work on your complain.   Few years back, this was the only way, you could complain your landline to PTCL


  1. I complained against my PTCL land line number (0213-4898017 ) on 1st October 2022, Complaint # is 81. This complaint not yet resolved, 12 days have gone. Please expedite.
    Please do the needful else I will go to see other service providers.

    • Due to some technical fault, Internet goes down in Northern and Central Areas for hours. It has now been repaired. Internet service in all the areas have be restored now.


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