PTCL Complaint Register Online – See the Process


PTCL Complaint Register

Pakistan Telecommunications Limited provides quick services to all the online telephone complains.   PTCL online complaint system is one of the best systems in Pakistan. PTCL online complaint register process is simple and straight forward.  The company follows all the PTCL complaints quickly.  The response time of phone complaint is within 24 hours.

The question is that how to complain PTCL?   You can register your complain through various methods

PTCL Complaint Register Online

The best and most convenient way to register you complain is through PTCL website.  This process of online PTCL complain is easy and straight forward.

PTCL Complaint Register Online

You can either send PTCL complaint from mobile or  through another landline number. When you register ptcl complain online, They provide you a complain number. They send this complaint number of ptcl through SMS and Email.

For Ptcl complain you can visit PTCL website and follow this process.

PTCL Landline Complaint

If you experience a problem in landline, you can choose “Telephone” in the “Product” field.

ptcl online complaint types form

You will get more options in complaint types.  Options of complain types include “Busy Tone”, “Call Drop”, “Cross Talk”,  “No Dial Tone”,  “Noise”, and  “Single Ring”.

telephone complain types form

After that you choose City Code and write the telephone Number, your email address and Captcha code.  Press Submit button for landline online complaint.

PTCL Internet Complaint

If you have ptcl broadband complaint, you can choose “Internet” in the “Product” field.  PTCL net complaint includes “Frequent Disconnection”,  “Modem Problem”,  “Online Gaming Lag”,  and “Slow Browsing – Low Line”

telephone complain types form

If you want complain about broadband speed  you may select “Slow Browsing – Low Line” option. PTCL Speed issue may be due to the problem in your telephone line.

Now select City Code and write Service ID (Phone#), a valid email address and click on Submit button for PTCL BB complaint

PTCL Evo Complaint

PTCL Evo Complaint

The process of 3G Evo Complain is similar to Internet complain.  In “Product” option choose  “3G Evo”.   The complaint type may be Frequent Disconnection, New Offer Issue, No Browsing, No Signal, Payment Issue, Sim/Device Issue, Slow Browsing and Week Signals.

PTCL Charji Complaint

ptcl charji complaint types form

Chargi complain has same options like in EVO Complains.

PTCL Vfone Complaint

You can complaints PTCL Vfone about call drop, call not dialed, call not received, call not loading, expired card, helpline not accessible, no signal, and package conversion issue.

ptcl charji complaint types form

PTCL Complain Register – Conclusion

All you have to do is to visit PTCL website for ptcl complain register.  PTCL has faciliated the whole process for their customers. Gone are the days when a user had to go to his nearest  exchange for his/her telephone complain.



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