Interested in Studying in the US?


Studying in the US (United States) can be a great opportunity, combining academic achievement with the chance to immerse yourself in another culture.

If you’re interested in heading state-side, the first thing you should do is research. Carefully evaluate different colleges, keeping in mind your long-term goals. Rather than trying to fit yourself into what the school wants, try to find an institution that align with your preferences and  career interests.Unlike other countries, the US does not have an official ranking system for colleges. This means that your priority should be trying to find the right school, rather than the “best” school.

Allow yourself 12 to 18 months to research and to start your applications. When doing so, try to keep the following questions in mind:

  • Why have you chosen the United States?
  • Which colleges fit with your personality and goals
  • Do you need financial assistance to study?
  • What is the deadline for applications and financial aid?
  • At what level do you want to study (e.g. undergraduate, post-graduate)?

When researching, also remember that the school that you pick must be accredited with the Student Exchange Visitor Program. You can find a list of certified schools on the Department of Homeland Security’s website (here).

Interested in Studying in the US?

Also remember that you’ll need to take entrance tests and that the results of these must be sent to the admissions offices before the closing of application and financial aid deadlines.

Studying in the US, Studying in the United States


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