PTCL Bill Online Check by Number | Print, Download Duplicate EBill


PTCL Bill Online Check by Number

PTCL E-Bill download is easy if you have phone number and Account ID.

If you want to download and print PTCL bill online, you need phone number and account ID of PTCL bill.  You can get Account ID information from your previous bill.  This unique account is necessary to check PTCL Bill. PTCL bill online check by phone number alone is not possible. We can get Ptcl account ID on bill. Ptcl bill account Id can be found at top right corner of the bill.

Ptcl account ID on bill,  Ptcl bill account Id

Ptcl Bill Check With Account ID

Some of the people claim that Ptcl bill check without account ID is possible. This is not true. Ptcl bill check with account ID & Phone number together is only way you get Ptcl online bill. Both of these information are necessary to download This account ID is the reference number or consumer number on PTCL bill.

Ptcl Landline Bill Check

Ptcl Landline Bill Check

Ptcl landline Bill can be checked through PTCL website.  You can visit PTCL website and on PTCL DBill – Landline page you should enter your phone number. Phone number should be entered without area code.  Ptcl bill Account ID information should be entered in “Enter Account ID” text box.  And press Search button. The phone number should be preceded with 3 in case of Lahore and Karachi numbers.

PTCL E-Bill download is just step away.

ptcl evo charji bill – Duplicate Bill

PTCL Evo Charji Bill - PTCL Evo duplicate bill

PTCL Evo Charji Bill can also be downloaded from PTCL website.  This PTCL Evo duplicate bill can be downloaded through Charji / Evo Subscription Information.  You should go to DBill – Chargi and Evo page. Two things are required to get Ptcl Evo Bill i.e.  MDN Number and ESN Number.  You have to enter accurate MDN nuber along with area code. For example in case of Islamabad you should enter 51 as area code and then valid MDN number.  In case of Lahore and Karachi you must enter 3 after area code like 423 & 213 and after that enter a valid MDN number.  Note that there is no need of 0 before area code.

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