Pakistani Male Names | Famous Pakistani Baby Boy Names


Pakistani Male Names

Pakistani Male Names | Famous Pakistani Baby Boy NamesThe major part of the Pakistani population consists of Muslims. Pakistani boy names are mostly taken from the Arabic language.  Some of the names are from Urdu, Persian, and other languages of the world. Due to the major part of Arabic,  Pakistani Muslim families used to select Muslim names for boy.  A good name usually has a great effect on the life of a boy. Alhamdulillah, Pakistani boy names modern families choose usually are traditional names. Some of the modern names choose by some parents do not have good meaning.

We should always choose traditional Pakistani baby boy names instead of modern names that do not have good meanings. One should also know the meaning of his child’s name.

In this regard, Sahaba’s name is the best choice for every Muslim.

Pakistani Baby Boys Names in Urdu

We are glad to share Pakistani boy names with their meaning in Urdu and English for your reference.

Pakistani Boys Names in Urdu Starting With:



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